Advanced Implant Surgery

Advanced Implant Surgery

The success of the implant is directly related to the correct diagnosis, the correct method and the experience of the physician. 

Although dental implant application is a simple surgical procedure, sometimes if the patient has insufficient bone volume, it may be necessary to increase the volume with advanced surgical procedures.

The biggest mistake made is to force the patient with insufficient bone to place an implant. If placed, the loss of the implant in a short or long time will be inevitable.

In cases of insufficient bone width or height, the bone can be expanded or elevated by special methods. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, this procedure cannot be performed with only bone chips (grafts). Sometimes, it may be necessary to transfer the patient's own bone. Sometimes, a series of operations may be necessary to prevent damage to important structures such as the sinus and lower jaw nerve.

Our advice to our patients is that if you have such a situation, you should consult your oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Your surgeon knows what to do in these cases and applies implants accordingly.